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Rndhub is a leader in IT services that offers you an elite performance for business solutions and outsourcing that partners with its clients to simplify, strengthen and boost up their businesses.

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Rndhub is a trusted global custom software development company that has a journey of 10 years when it came into existence due to high demand from startups and blue-chip companies to innovate and carry out research on new emerging technologies and platforms like Cloud, Machine Learning, and different frameworks. The issue among all the companies around was as to how to integrate and deliver smooth optimization, so after a lot of iterations and several POCs along with development, we were able to adopt new frameworks, processes, and standards which are listed as follows: efficient Architecture solutions that are robust, scalable, cost-effective, easy to migrate, and able to integrate with frameworks or other architecture components.

⦁ High end and High-level security for the applications
⦁ Apps for mobile devices, tablets, IOTS, and different complex systems
⦁ Bringing the team together by adopting agile, scrums, DSDM, and change management processes and make use of different tools like JIRA, etc
⦁ To make delivery more efficient, we adopted CI / CD pipelines and using different automation tools and have adopted different standards and processes to keep code and software healthy.

Rndhub decided to create their baseline templates based on the above frameworks no matter what type of language either C, C++, Java, PHP, .NET, Python, Javascript Frameworks or Libraries like Angular, React, EXT JS, etc and even different cloud platforms like Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, etc. Therefore, we have provided custom-made architecture templates as per the client’s requirements.

R & D is the process by which a company works to obtain new knowledge that it might use to create new technology, products, services, or systems that it will either use or sell. It is a process that always seeks to improve upon the existing technology, products, and services, to excite the customers.

Our relationships with clients are at the core of the company’s vision and mission. The values of trust, ethics, and confidentiality act as torchbearers that guide our business strategies.

Rndhub contains a unique blend of highly experienced professionals and fresh talent. We’ve grown steadily and now has a team of over 50 project managers, engineers, creative designers, and expert programmers. As one of the most exciting development companies in the industry, we handle multiple complex projects simultaneously.
What makes us unique is our reliability and deviation of expertise towards the goals. Our team possesses a wide range of technology proficiencies including enterprise software, mobile applications, web-based solutions, and design capabilities.

We work with a wide variety of clients, solving an even wider variety of problems and technical challenges. The best part is that we get a front seat to see clever ideas transforming into reality in the software we build for our clients and customers.

Rndhub can best be summarized in a way that it’s a company that aims to learn new technologies, think outside the box, and find the most creative ways to be more best at efficient.

About Our Core Values

RND came into existence in 2016 to invent atomic network which is still highly confidential and under patent file
process. Our top tech leads specialize in very niche technologies

Cloud Service

On-demand services for an easy & scalable software application

E-Commerce Build

Online Product/Service Trading Systems with end to end technology support

Smart Card

Secured ID in compliance to international standards contact & contactless


Learning Management Systems to enable user to take up the courses & learn at their ease


Enjoy hassle free management of your Event with us right from Ticketing,

Working with some great brands

Our TestimonialsWhat Our Valuable Clients Say

We’ve been working with a dedicated team at RND TEK for over a year on ongoing mobile development projects, and I couldn’t be more satisfied. Our business would not have gotten to where it is today without their help. They are smart, dedicated, proactive, and great people to work with.

Babar Murtaza

Team RND TEK consistently went above and beyond in terms of responsiveness, adaptability to new requirements, and dedication to client and concept.

Robert Greene

The RND TEK team has been instrumental in development and design for many projects. Their level of detail, ownership and expertise provides a very trusting experience and engagement. RND TEK is a valuable and trusted resource. Very dependable.

Nathalie Rostov

We have been working with RND TEK for about a year now. They are a true partner that treats our projects like their own. We have engaged them on many simultaneous projects and they always provide us with clear and concise communication and a solid project plan. We know that when we involve RND TEK in a project it will be completed on time and within budget.

Veronika Ivanov

I must say RND TEK has an OUTSTANDING technical team! We have been able to achieve major milestones in this initiative so quickly because of the undying dedication that your team maintained throughout the project cycle.

Ahmad Hadid

RND TEK has been helping us with various implementations and enhancements and has been our true partner along the way. They are consistently there when we need them and go above and beyond to get the job done. They are a pleasure to work with and we will be a continued client for years to come.

Tanya Hadley

Great service, professional team members, and courteous sales representatives. Loved their work and will definitely use their services again.

Deborah Wilson

They’re experienced to understand the pain points and their innovative solutions surely worked for me.

Marcos Garcia

First of all, I want to recommend RND TEK, because they stay connected with you even after the project is delivered to ensure the maximum ROI. The team is efficient in responding and in dealing with new challenges.

Andres Gonzalez